The threat

After the shooting at the presbyterian school, Twitter became a hotbed for information and lack of it.



Photo by Raphael Renter on Unsplash

Now Christians are on high alert. Could someone from the LGBTQ+ community do something during holy week or before?

It's scary to think that a religious place could be a target and people who disagree with their lifestyle choices.

“Trans day of vengeance” was trending, and the topic was discussed from both sides of the aisle.

Something will likely happen, but I don't know when.

It's unnerving that holy week is so close, and the Trans community is literally up in arms.

Not all those in the trans community are being unreasonable or violent but the ones who are: cussing, swearing, and have Jesus out of the picture.

As a Christian and Catholic, I am uncomfortable going to church during the holy week. Sure, I live in a smaller city but there is always a chance of something happening.

Hopefully, holy week can be peaceful and no one dies at the hands of evil.