The importance of the Eucharist

2 min readNov 12, 2022
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The host is a center point during the Catholic mass, which we see at a catholic mass. It is not as trendy as some other topics on medium. The importance of the host and the significance are vital. The link below goes into more detail. After reading one of the chapters, I had a major epiphany; it all made sense. You might want to read up on the Catholic mass and the host if you are not Catholic. It’s complex to understand, but the book does a good job of explaining everything.

It has taken some time to recover from my psychosis and figure out real vs. not actual. I have written some blog posts about my psychosis, so if you are confused, read my other blogs. If you allow God to talk and for you to shut your mouth, the message may become more apparent. The actual word of God won’t confuse you or cause you distress. I learned that by hearing voices. The links inspired my blog and also seemed to belong to the part of the supernatural.

What God allows by the grace of gifts at communion. Your soul needs to be ready to receive the potential gifts.

I am updating my blog since I am 100% healthy but still have weird symptoms.

If man understood the importance of the eucharist, then man would do anything within his power to worship and protect the host.


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