The Devil

The Devil is alive and well my friend.



Photo by Tech Nick on Unsplash

The constant battle between good and evil goes on. Here on earth and above in the heavens. The constant battle for souls.

You may not believe in the whole spiritual warfare thing but it's happening. Whether you like it or not.

The devil wants as many souls as possible for himself and to accompany him to the pits of hell.

He likes it when misinformation is spread pertaining to religious information. He is the father of lies. However, his behavior is pretty predictable.

Jesus wants your soul but with good intentions. He wants you to be in heaven with him. it's not an easy process. Staying holy and working our spiritual muscles to stay the course. That is the heavy lifting we need to do.

The devil wants you to think that you are too perfect to continue to work on your faith. He wants you to be cocky. He wants you to be far from Jesus. If you allow it to happen then it will.

Avoid horoscopes, crystals, palm readers, and Ouija boards. All of these connect you to the other side. The evil side does not come from God. Demons are waiting for you and once you allow them into your life it can be hard to get rid of them.

Demons especially hate the Blessed Virgin Mary, the rosary, holy water, the sign of the cross, and Jesus. Staying close to God will lessen the chance of the devil trying to get you and have you sin.