Our Heavenly Mother

I write this even though I am not 100% yet. It's a daily struggle and a recovery I hope to overcome. Stay vigilant, focused, and stay present.

Blessed Virgin Mary…Unsplash

Some may not believe or understand… that's okay with me. It is your choice on how you want to go forward. Before I had my postpartum psychosis, I read a book called True Devotion To The Blessed Virgin Mary. The link below allows you to see the book and look further into it if interested. My psychosis had a lot to do with religion. It's very weird how the mind works. However, people who have psychosis generally have faith somehow involved in the situation. Anyways…the book I wanted to recommend. It's easy to follow and understand. My delusions were very detailed…regarding my faith. I'm still trying to separate "this" from "that."

The Blessed Virgin Mary is your heavenly mother. She is the one that will come to your aid…she is not a wish or a good luck charm. She is our advocate. As her appearances were documented over time…sometimes as warnings to the world or to teach the world something new/ important. She is especially important during our present times. Regardless of who you are or where you come from. The Blessed Virgin Mary is your heavenly mother and our protector.

For more info click on the link below. The link will take you to a blog on FB that covers more about Mary and the importance of the book and the world we live in today.

Anyways. I didn't want to rant and rave..just inform and offer. I never would have thought my religion would be taken away from me by my own brain. It is very confusing and isolating to experience. I plan to publish my book…before Christmas. The book will go into more detail and share more than I am here.

The FB group is very interesting. I choose not to read the content since it is a major trigger for me right now. Before I got sick I enjoy the content. I hope to continue reading the blog post once my symptoms are more calmed down.

"St. Louis de Montfort's masterpiece has lost nothing of its power and beauty with the passing of time and holds within its pages a rich spiritual treasure for the contemporary believer who is willing to enter into the Mystery of Jesus living in Mary and there to be formed by the Spirit of God into full maturity in Jesus Christ." — Amazon (not my words)

Thank you for reading



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