Looking For Writers, Editors, And Readers

1 min readFeb 18, 2023

In the middle of the page, my publication is designed for creative content and short life stories.

Update: I have more stories now in my publication. Looking for interesting stories or creative writing content. e

I created my own publication. I have yet to do anything except some of my own work. I am excited to create and explore! I am excited to see what other writers create and their content. I will update this story as time goes on. I am eager to showcase other writers' work and see what others have to give to their audiences. Being creative or telling a story are the main parts that would let you “in” to my publication.

If you are interested, type below, “ I want to write for you.”

three rules to follow for the publication

1. only submit two articles per month

2. be in English

3. be related to the topic required