My Cat Is Watching Tv Again

Cats are sure weird. Cats do funny things whether people are around or

not. Some cats jump on counters, and others just lay on the floor like they

are playing dead. It makes no sense. Cats are the center of attention and

don't even know it; even if they did, they would walk in the ink and then

walk all over the floor and make a mess. Cats are aloof to everything.

Cats capture our attention, and we love it. Even the utmost

intelligent, successful people take the time to ponder cats.

Trouble the cat is our cat. He belongs to my husband, my husband found

him, and scenes then the cat has stayed with us. He is black and white.

White on his paws and around the neck area. He lays around the looks like

he is always tired. He lurks in the shadows and makes these whinny

It sounds like he is being neglected. He sounds broken. A squee-broken meow. He is scared of his own shadow and

doesn't like to be surprised. He will randomly sit in the kitchen at night and

watch tv or sit on the corner of the rug

He will fall asleep when sitting. He wears a cute bell so we can hear him. He loves

being a lap cat. His fur is soft and well taken care of. He is a wonderful cat. He causes us some problems but is still our cat. Bubbles the cat



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