Mental Health…the rush to get better

Since going through my mental health experience …postpartum psychosis, I have seen mental health differently. It's amazing how the brain can trick you into seeing and being different stuff. It was my first time in handcuffs and my first time on a hospital's psychiatric floor. I was pretty rattled in the beginning. I am writing a book about my experience. I hope to shine some light on postpartum psychosis to help others understand and warn others about the importance of taking care of themselves when caring for children.

I now feel more understanding about those suffering from mental health and anxiety. While the person suffers, the world goes on as usual. Doctors try to help, but they often go off of schooling and experience to help their clients. I believe the clients should be able to eventually inform the doctors of what they experienced… symptom-wise.

I hope to inspire others. Mental health is a journey, not something you can fit in 7 to 10 business days. Society is getting better but not good enough. Take it seriously. No one wants to talk about it..that will bite you in the butt eventually. Scary stuff but needs to be talked about!



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