Mental Health and I

Sep 11, 2023

My pesky friend

  • Trigger warning*
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The medication reminds me daily of my struggles with mental illness. Somedays, I don't feel sick, and other days, I know I should take my medication. I feel good now and feel like I can be and do anything. That's the start of grandiose thinking and thoughts. Even with medication, that is the most common symptom I experience.

My life is manageable, and nothing terrible ever comes up symptoms-wise. Sometimes, my actions and words have long-lasting effects, and I don't think about it during the moment.

I focus on the here and now, not the possible future ramifications.

Without medication, it was hard to keep a job, my moods were wilder, and I was easily upset. I was pretty rigid.

Thankfully, my diagnosis helped transform me, and I was able to receive the care and medication I needed.