1 min readFeb 26, 2023

Love, Compassion, Mercy

You won't see these three in the world as you should—how people take to one another and how others treat others within their own family. The world is so vast, and the people so different. Even here, it's sad to see how others think, not wrong, but not how we were designed. Unfortunately, sin and the fall of man didn't help that cause.

I am not excluded from this, don't worry. It's the season of lent. Let this season shake you from your usual or ungodly-like behavior. We all could use a slap In the face.

I bought candy today for a snack. I gave it up for lent, and my husband had to hide the candy. I totally forgot about lent and giving up candy. We all make mistakes, but at the end of the day, we should try to think of others and be loving. God is merciful and will be patient with us, however, just as the psalms in the bible say. God will rain down his wrath upon his people. Not exactly a powerful peaceful thought. Keep that in mind this lent. Fast, pray, and consider how you can change to be a better you.

Photo by James on Unsplash