I’m not mad or frustrated; I am over it. I feel like my medium juices have hit a wall. I am close to 100 followers, but the division is there. I can’t get enough energy to jump up and get where I want to be. My Writing has seemed to hit the crapper. I’m sinking into quicksand, and the finish line is right in front of me. Maybe I need to read other blogs to find some inspiration. Im on life support, looking for a breathing body or a functioning heart. I enjoy writing, but the content has been lacking the past few weeks. I think a lot of writers can relate to my writing woes. Creative Writing is my favorite. It sucks to feel like this. I must be doing something right if I have followers and people seem interested in what I have to say. 88 people, seems like a high number? I guess I’ll keep pumping out my writing for those who are interested.

On a heavier note, I think my content has to do with my anxiety and depression. My content seems to suck when my mental health seems to be off.

In other news, my postpartum

blogs are at the top of “postpartum psychosis.” Category, as of now. I feel pretty good about that. Even if the topic is rare. My work is there.



Blogs from a American housewife

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