Write As You Ought To

1 min readSep 29, 2022

Do what works for you :)

Everybody in their dog writes about how to succeed. I have written similar blogs as well. I’m joining that club. If everyone else is doing it might as well join. Below are a few tips for writing and blogging

  1. Use Grammarly; it helps with spelling and writing better sentences.
  2. Use local businesses for publishing and promoting. Bookstores could be interested in your book and could be a foot in the door for a book signing.
  3. Practice writing all the time! Edit your work…to learn from the mistakes.
  4. Be your worse critic…force yourself to complain to yourself.
  5. Don't give up. Don't waste your time chasing something. Publishers don't care about you. Care about yourself, then consider them.
  6. Stretch your blogging legs and try something different. Try a new angle of blogging.
  7. Read other blogs to understand better how words can work for you.
  8. Don’t overthink. Be authentic!
  9. Don’t be fast and sloppy; it never ends well.
  10. Set small goals

Thank you for reading